Grunt: a default task

Grunt is known as "the JavaScript task runner" and it allows the programmer to set up one or many tasks to carry out conversion and processing of files. An ecosystem of plugins on NPM enable such tasks as converting SCSS to CSS, ES6 JavaScript to ES5 JavaScript, CSS to minified CSS, CoffeeScript to JavaScript, JavaScript to minified JavaScript, and more. Grunt requires NodeJS and NPM. If you are not sure if they are installed on your system, type these commands into your terminal...

The long-predicted housing disaster unfolds [2008]

The fact that the Federal Reserve is involved in trying to help bail out Stearns is another embarrassment to and encroachment upon America’s supposedly free markets. Why are those companies not on Wall Street expected to bear the brunt of their mistakes while those on Wall Street and in Greenwich, who have created a risk-management disaster, are to be bailed out? Maybe if there had been some semblance of regulation...

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Maple cotton candy

“One of those long finger lakes.” / ^Some greasy-looking stranger comes up to you on the street and offers you a swig from his thermos.^ / “They may have had the flow on and had a raging whirlpool for that scene.” / ‘We saw the cow parade...'


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Under Aurora Bridge

Cleveland at twilight

Cleveland at night


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Cleveland hosts the brown party

Cleveland from the west

01 If you bike north out of Cove Avenue in Lakewood and turn left onto Detroit Avenue where it hits a T and you go down past the shuttered shops by the shuttered pasta house with the spaghetti sign 🍝 that served as the local headquarters for both the 2008 and 2012 Obama campaigns (and sat vacant the whole time inbetween) right across the street from the rock music club where metalhead gangs like to brawl with bottles and knives in the adjacent parking lot and if you keep biking across West 117th and into the city of Cleveland, and as you'd pass the Pizza Hut and the creaky apartment buildings and the ancient fur store with the dated yellowing posters on the interior walls which is never open but maybe never totally closed and the maudlin wine bar with its trends-hungry patrons convinced that things are different between 97th and 75th and along past the institutional buildings on the right and the wooded roadside on the left too overgrown to obviously reveal the emerging RTA train line 🚋 about to track through the west side station. As this journey reaches the underpass that reveals the transit center on the left, on the right side at a distance just beyond (due to it sitting on the far side of the asymmetric curving of the serpentine West Side Boulevard) is the park (known as Cuddell Recreation Center) where Cleveland police rolled up and shot 12 year old Tamir Rice in 2014. This was my cycling route into downtown. And we're not even halfway there. Where West Boulevard takes a snake-turn and joins Detroit Avenue it comes from the north where just a handful of blocks hence the lake hits the saddle point known as Edgewater Park, bordered to the north by its namesake neighborhood which features gorgeous houses along streets that, this being Cleveland, will in six months like all city neighborhoods be encrusted with layer after layer of hardened dirty snow--the city just can't handle basic services. South on West Boulevard goes through neighborhoods that sit on a very Cleveland line between gritty and vibrant, and the road swerves 45 degrees at one point and bubbles almost up to the edge of W 105th St. (it's a very quirky intersection that I would pass often on my way to the house of a nearby drinking buddy and stopping there and seeing the streets meet the way they do, it's as though two towns accidentally overlap on one another.) At this point West Boulevard has passed under I-90 as it cuts through Cuyahoga County, but a little further ahead it forks into two other streets.But if one takes the Jasper Road turn and then a series of others which have the curious effect, when taken together, of restoring the southerly direction as a crow would fly (as we say here in Seattle) and continuing on a road known as Tiedeman until we have crossed yet another interstate (I-480) on the right is the Cracker Barrel...

Cleveland from the east

No camera wolfing

Llandover Woods Greenspace is not something you would notice just driving through. Right at the northwest edge of the city, where urban grid neighborhoods along the water give way to golf courses and swirly suburban enclaves, you'd have to turn left where the signs direct one to bear right where going straight there as you head north on 3rd Avenue West would simply put you on the long drive to the guardhouse to one of those country clubs. If you do turn left there, into the small parking lot, and walk out to the trail head, you find yourself in a hilly forest tucked in between neighborhoods...

Crossing the Continental Divide

People really have no idea what a swamp Chicago is. Those reed marshes at the edges of those muddy little Wisconsin lakes, you can usually get a canoe or rowboat around in them if you go exploring that corner, but they ain't great for rowboats, anyway Chicago is that marsh at the bottom edge of the Lake, more or less. People have sump pumps working away day and night there pretty much, everyone has a white pipe sticking out of their house somewhere, every once on a while, BTTZZCLLLLL-plunk a stream of water pumps out, just pumping water out of the basement, and if you don't have one in your yard there's a god chance you have it hooked up to the sewage. Either way, if you're in that Des Planes River valley, you get flooding...

Tulip Town


Grande Arche

Grande Arche

The Lords of Karma

Hunter S. Thompson was a media personality from the days when he wrote about the Hell’s Angels in the 1960s until his death in 2005. Always a fan of talking with other journalists and promoting his books, Thompson gave fewer TV interviews as time went on–but he continued to talk to print reporters frequently enough that his late-period wife, Anita Thompson, was able to cull together a collection of interviews ranging the the 1960s to the 2000s. While not fundamentally different from the written words of Hunter S. Thompson, the interviews do reveal many different angles as they are written up in whatever style the interviewer had and not in Thompson’s famously brooding and brilliant prose. And of course Thompson’s words unsurprisingly tend to be less edited and less measured than in his writing. Clever comments and colorful anecdotes are shared throughout. But it is easy to see a slow decline in the quality of the interviews as time passes and Thompson’s considerable legend begins to overshadow whatever fresh stories might be discussed at the moment, and the questions get dumber, more backward-looking, and more predictable...

Goose Landing

near Cuyahoga river

LeBron James

LeBron James



grazing buffalo herd

lake Michigan ice foam

Lake Michigan ice-foam

lake Michigan ice foam

Apple picking in the Cascades


Silver Lake Lighthouse

Silver Lake Lighthouse

Indiana pigeons